Every Door Open

The Every Door Open (EDO) project provides Rapid Re-Housing services and support to women and children and families currently living in emergency shelters, domestic violence shelters, and places not meant for human habitation. This project does not assist individuals or families who are already living in a rental property.  Kings Community Action Organization (KCAO) is managing the grant and is partnering with the Kings United Way (KUW). KUW will utilize a Housing Navigator whose responsibility is to assess all referrals from street outreach, various temporary housing programs and determine eligibility for participation in the Rapid Re-Housing project. The project uses the local Coordinated Assessment System in conjunction with Rapid Re-Housing as a strategy for more effective utilization of limited resources to end homelessness. The Every Door Open project collaborates with other Permanent Housing programs so clients with a higher level of needs receive the appropriate level of services and housing. The Housing Navigator coordinates the administration of the Vulnerability Index-Service Prioritization and Decision Assistance Tool (VI-SPDAT) and the management of the Housing Priority List between Kings and Tulare Counties. The Housing Navigator will ensure that eligible participants are entered into the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), connected with appropriate housing resources, and receive rental assistance to ensure they get into housing.

 KCAO employs a case manager that assists households in obtaining and remaining in permanent housing through a variety of strategies such as assessing households for barriers to obtain and remaining in permanent housing. The case manager collaboratively develops an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) for each household that includes key factors in the household’s

ability to increase their employment, income, and self-sufficiency skills. Direct assistance and/referrals for supportive services such as job placement assistance, resume building, adult education services, child care, and budgeting will be the primary focus of the ISPs. Additionally, all households will be screened by the case manager for eligibility to mainstream benefits such as TANF, SNAP, and Covered California or Medi-Cal as appropriate. EDO will coordinate in-kind mental health services with Kings County Behavioral Health and Kingsview Mental Health to focus on mental health and substance abuse issues. The case manager will reassess clients monthly to determine their progress in meeting the mutually agreed upon goals in their ISP in an effort to maintain momentum in stabilizing household employment, income and self-sufficiency.

For additional information and to determine whether you qualify for rental assistance please contact Michelle Medina, Case Manager, at (559) 362-2725 or Joey Cox, IPSS Director, at (559) 799-8107.


Housing Relocation Assistance (DHRA) Program

Kings Community Action Organization, through a partnership with the California Department of Housing and Community Development and the County of Kings, is announcing the availability of the Drought Housing Relocation Assistance (DHRA) Program. The purpose of this program is to provide temporary assistance for persons moving from their current residence, which lacks reasonable access to Potable water resulting from the drought for which the Governor declared a state of emergency on January 17, 2014 via Executive Order B-29, dated April 1, 2015.  The DHRA Program allows eligible tenants and homeowners that meet program eligibility requirements the ability to relocate and receive a one-time moving cost allowance and rental subsidies for 12 months.  Rental subsidies include assistance with security deposits; which can include the last month’s rent if required by the landlord.